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Analytical. Creative. Driven. I am a people person with an affinity for design. My passion is creating fresh solutions to solve unique and challenging needs. Clients have engaged my services for print and digital marketing services as well as landscape architecture. No matter what the project, my work is aimed at encouraging businesses, people, and places to thrive.


While I had always enjoyed the outdoors, I had no idea as a psychology teaching assistant at Rollins College that landscape architecture was a profession. At that time I was determined to become Dr. Appel, a developmental neuropsychologist focused on identifying the environmental based triggers for attachment disorders. And then an alarm sounded, literally.  There was a chemical spill and the science building closed. Not wanting to head home I went the archives and stumbled across the original landscape plan for Rollins College. I fell in love with the overlap between people, science and the outdoors.


I received a bachelors from Auburn University and a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from The University of Florida. I have taught courses at Rollins College and The University of Central Florida.



Since graduating I have held various design roles- allowing me to cultivate effective graphic communication skills, proven in successful projects. These design skills have been instrumental at initiating the development process for countless projects. An attractive development plan can fuel business ventures and give new ideas flight. From conceptual site plans to in-depth marketing memorandums, my architectural and graphic design efforts have paved the way for achieving results for a variety of clients. As a conceptual site plan designer behind the scenes I have been able to touch many pieces of the development process, including propelling investor financing, initiating real estate assemblage transactions, and accelerating approvals from governing bodies.


My experience in both hand and computer generated design allows me to work with multiple design tools and across platforms.  Conceptual plans begin with blue sky ideas communicated fluidly with ink and markers. After refinement through the design process, these ideas become grounded in computer generated marketing materials and architectural plans through Adobe Suite and AutoCAD.



- Horticulture

- Experiential Design

- Play & Sensory Gardens

- Custom residential and commercial landscape design

- Hand drawn or computer rendered conceptual site plans and elevations

- Marketing collateral creation including logo design and print materials

- Construction document packages for bidding and permitting as well as construction

- On site construction administration

I am passionate about connecting people to the natural environment through the creation of significant places and product.  I believe that quality design is the harmony of many contributing variables. My goal as a Landscape Architect is to capitalize on opportunities while offering responsible, useful, and elegant design solutions.  I enjoy working with clients through out the design process and staying in touch years after a project is complete.

Stephanie Appel



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