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Landscape Concept Design Package 

Step 1: Consultation 

Step 2: “Blue Sky” Imagery Ideas 

Step 3: Landscape Concept Design (11x17 Hand Drawn Concept Plan)


Landscape Construction Package 

Step 1: On-site Consultation 

Step 2: “Blue Sky” Imagery Ideas 

Step 3: Landscape Concept Design (11x17 Hand Drawn Concept Plan)

Step 4: Construction plans with detailed and quantified plant list


Additional services are available and are offered individually, including: 

- Consultation only 

- Additional concept plan alternatives

- Character element sketches

- Three dimensional design graphics (hand drawn/ computer generated)

- Planting plans

- Irrigation plans

- Lighting plans

- Exterior Furnishing Design & Installation (plant material purchasing, tagging plants, outdoor furnishings, and custom container design)

- Construction Administration/ Project Coordination Services (interviewing contractors, reviewing negotiation bids, sourcing and researching specified materials)

- Landscape Maintenance Manual


An introductory on site meeting provides a unique opportunity for professional, personalized garden advice. The consultation is the first step in identifying unique landscape project goals and design elements based on your personal aesthetic . Existing opportunities and constraints are identified during the preliminary site analysis.


“Blue Sky” design ideas are presented in a personalized image board. Images on this board contain plants, materials, and stylistic images that fuel the design. Client feedback about the images is channeled into a conceptual design.

Conceptual Design

A hand sketched concept plan, based on a property survey, is created illustrating the design intent. This can be refined to provide clients with a specific plant list, delineated types of materials, or schematic drawings for development. 

Design Development

Based on client feedback, the concept plan is further developed as it progresses into a computer generated blueprint/ construction document. The plan can be developed further as needed. This offers clients a tool suitable for obtaining permits and approvals from an association or municipality. The plan is also utilized to collect contractor bids as it details the necessary information for precise plant quantity and material calculation. 


This final step in the process allows the landscape architect to ensure that contractors are following the intent of the design. It goes without saying that having a landscape architect on the construction team results in extended benefits and reduced headaches to the property owner. This is offered to all design clients who have completed the Construction Document Phase. 

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